Finger in the Hole Test

Thomas said, “I won’t believe unless I put my finger in the nail print!” Surely, he thought the apostles had gone crazy along with the women who claimed to have seen Jesus alive. Locked doors couldn’t keep Jesus out. An unbelieving heart couldn’t keep Jesus away. He appeared mysteriously to the apostles and especially to Thomas, which prompted a confession not really heard before. Thomas confessed in worship, “My Lord and my God.”
It wasn’t the first time Jesus had been called Lord. Leon Morris says, “This ascription of full deity was something new. It represented the high point of faith in Jesus.” Indeed, Thomas’ life would be forever changed. He would live and die a martyr’s death for his Lord. His kneeling in worship at the feet of Jesus touching the nail print was life changing. There was no turning back.
Do we truly understand what Thomas’ confession means? Do we fully comprehend what God has done for us in sending Jesus Christ our Lord to redeem us?
The closer I grow to Christ my Lord, the more I realize how pure and holy He is and how wretched I am. (I know, we should preserve our self-esteem and avoid all self-deprecation!) The reality of our sinfulness in contrast to His royal holy majesty is too great to pass over—to belittle. The truth is we are wretched in comparison.
But it’s true! He has restored our dignity as human beings by calling, electing us as His chosen ones to bring God glory. Yes, it’s too good to be true, but it’s so. Because the God-man came; everything is different. I was impossibly lost and undone, but now—I’m alive. I have hope. This isn’t the end. It’s the beginning. Praises be to your Name Lord Jesus.  Charles Bishop