Inescapable Appointment

This past week two memorial services for family members of our church occurred. These events touch our lives knowing that some in our family are hurting over the loss. Even when death seems to be the answer to suffering, pain or loss of cognition. Still, there is loss. Death remains our enemy, not our friend.

It reminds us that we all have this appointment that must be kept. Unlike Woody Allen who said, “he wasn’t afraid to die, he just didn’t want to be there when it happened.” We’re reminded both of our humanity and our mortality at times like this. The atheists have no answer for death. They think they have an answer for birth—we’re a cosmological accident that happened by chance. If that were true, why death?

Death is certainly the great leveler of society. We leave behind everything we’ve accumulated and take with us everything we’ve become. Will our total life be an appearance before the Great Judge in a state of nakedness, or will we be clothed with the righteousness of Christ? This question should be answered above all others.

Even though man lives noble lives with works of humanitarian benefit or even sacrificial lives of service, that is not enough to earn eternity in heaven. The key to life eternal is a Savior. God in His eternal purpose has arranged life in such a manner that throughout eternity His people will understand why life on earth is the way it is. We are in a proving ground. We have choices. We can choose the high road, or we can choose the low. Which will it be? Charles Bishop