A Day of Infamy

Many will celebrate the birth of Charles Darwin, who was born February 12, 1809. He wrote a well-known book, On the Origin of Species. Using Lyell’s theory of uniformitarianism, he launched a movement that captivated the academic community. It is taught in our universities and is even found in our primary and secondary schools throughout the world.

Eminent Harvard biologist Ernst Mayr, one of the nation’s top evolutionists, observed that Darwin actually never discussed the origin of the species. In fact, Darwin was unable to give even one example of this supposedly “scientific phenomenon.” Incidentally not one case of evolutionary change from one species to another has ever been documented. Here are some other interesting facts that you might not know.

No evolution has been or is being observed

No New Species has ever been documented arising from another species. In fact, 70% of all species that has ever lived are now extinct.

There is no known mechanism for evolution. The famous phrase “survival of the fittest” is a tautology that tells us the ones surviving are alive.

There is no fossil evidence that evolution has ever occurred. Darwin was confident that further exploration of fossils would uncover examples. The opposite is true. Further studies have shown that all species arose suddenly.

All evidence points away from evolution towards a sudden beginning of life with complex design.

Many celebrate Darwin’s birth, but mischief beyond our comprehension has developed out of his so-called theory. These include the death camps of Germany, the Gulag of prisons in the former Soviet Union and on to the killing fields of Cambodia. Ideas have consequences sometimes tragic ones. This theory, which really is more of a hypothesis and not a very good one, has sidetracked science into a SCIENTISM that has become the religion of the educated. To them Christianity is to be spurned or even banned for the academy. The irony of it all is the birth of science came out of Christian thinking. It never would have come about from naturalism or paganism.

Charles Bishop