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West Douglas
 Sundays    9:30 a.m.  Bible Class
10:30  a.m.  Worship Service 
6:00 p.m.  Bible Study

Wednesdays     6:00 p.m.  Meal
7:00 p.m.  Bible Class
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Church of Christ
Love each other as I have loved you.   John 15:12
Welcome to West Douglas Church of Christ
The West Douglas Church of Christ is a group of believers who really care! We love one another. We also have a great love for people. We love all kinds of people.  

Thank you for taking time from your busy schedule to visit our website. We would be honored to have you explore this site and contact us with your questions, interest or needs.  

We strive to be His light here on earth. Our goal is to reflect the light of Jesus in our lives. We endeavor to live lives that bless others and glorify God. We would be thrilled for you to come and see and participate with us.  

Again, WELCOME and God bless YOU!  

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Learn more about our Minister, Charles Bishop at About Us or read past Sonshine columns on our Resources page.
​Youth Group weekly classes, Wednesdays 7pm,  6th thru 12th grades

​Austin may be contacted at acallahan@mccks.edu or 316-992-3230

​Campers off to camp

​                             Standing on the Promises

  We have been studying promises in the Scriptures in our Sunday morning services. There are some that stand out and almost seem unbelievable. That God would love me seems almost out of the question. Have you ever had that feeling?
  Here is another promise that just seems too good to be true: “Now unto him that is able to guard you from stumbling, and to set you before the presence of his glory without blemish in exceeding joy.” Another version says “faultless” and yet another says “blameless.” What ever version you may be reading the idea is the same. 
  You see, the Lord is able to place us at His judgment seat without any sin on our account. We are guiltless, sinless, faultless, blameless, irreproachable innocent, flawless, irreprehensible, perfected, justified, or any other synonym that describes a saint. Not only that, we are declared holy and sanctified throughout our lives by His Spirit dwelling in us. We are made to be children of God, adopted into His family and we take on His name. 
  If that were not enough, we have been promised eternal life without pain, sorrow, death, want or any kind of loss. There will be fellowship with loved ones, and we will be in the presence of the God of the entire universe, and have access to our Savior. There will be life without end only describable now by metaphor and other figures of speech.
  Don’t you think these are reasons enough to serve Him and serve Him well?  

Charles Bishop