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West Douglas
 Sundays    9:30 a.m.  Bible Class
10:30  a.m.  Worship Service 
6:00 p.m.  Bible Study

Wednesdays     6:00 p.m.  Meal
7:00 p.m.  Bible Class
Church of Christ
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Love each other as I have loved you.   John 15:12
Welcome to West Douglas Church of Christ
The West Douglas Church of Christ is a group of believers who really care! We love one another. We also have a great love for people. We love all kinds of people.  

Thank you for taking time from your busy schedule to visit our website. We would be honored to have you explore this site and contact us with your questions, interest or needs.  

We strive to be His light here on earth. Our goal is to reflect the light of Jesus in our lives. We endeavor to live lives that bless others and glorify God. We would be thrilled for you to come and see and participate with us.  

Again, WELCOME and God bless YOU!  

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Learn more about our Minister, Charles Bishop at About Us or read past Sonshine columns on our Resources page.
​Youth Group weekly classes, Wednesdays 7pm,  6th thru 12th grades

​Austin may be contacted at acallahan@mccks.edu or 316-992-3230

Tuesday, December 30th youth group will have a New Years Eve Eve party! It will be a lock in that starts at 8pm and will end at 6am on the 31st. Let me know if you plan on coming so I can get a headcount for food and rides. 

We will not have Wednesday night meal and classes for December 24th and 31st​


                             The Star of Bethlehem

    The real star is the one the bright light pointed to: the babe in the manger. What appears to be the birth of a lowly peasant was in reality the Creator of the universe in human form. That’s the story of Christmas.
    Christ’s influence upon the world has changed it forever. The pagan society of the Roman world was transformed in a few centuries to a world where the shackles of ignorance were broken. Science flourished; discovery took place in the western world because learned men believed that a reasonable God created with design and laws regulating His creation.
    Freedom sprang from this worldview of Christianity. The new world produced a government of the people, by the people and for the people, because men sacrificed to practice their faith in the new world. We now enjoy the fruits of that gift given by God.
    As we look about the world where anarchy reigns, we realize that our peace is from the faith of Christian people. Where society has rejected or doesn’t live by these truths of Jesus, lawlessness overwhelms the people. Where faith in Christ is the heart of the culture, freedom and peace rule. Let’s praise our Lord this season of giving for what He has done for us.  

  Charles Bishop